Fairlight Chiropractic Website Design

We created a responsive, touch-friendly design that puts chiropractic front and centre. From prominent contact details in the header to a consistent use of brand colour, this design serves the clinic well.

Service: Website Design

The Project

Dr. Andrew Iggo (Chiropractor) from Fairlight Chiropractic was referred to us by another happy client. He was suffering through an older style website and it needed a makeover. The emotive home page image of Meerkats standing tall is attention grabbing and helps to create a memorable experience for the user.

Ease of Contact

The home page features conversion boosting contact features: request a call back, new patient landing page and About page links. This makes it super easy for potential patients to make contact. There are also prominent social media icons and a clickable phone number in the header.



Most pages feature ‘commonly helped conditions’ click-throughs, which serve to both educate the user and to encourage them to click through deeper into the site.


Google Maps Integration

The clinic’s Google Maps listing added to the site and showcases the positive patient review ratings.


Project Benefits

Powered by WordPress and designed with a leading theme, optimised for performance

Mobile responsive design, meaning the site looks great across devices

Drag and drop page building allows client to make their own changes, without editing code

Prominent calls to action feature on every page, encouraging visitors to make enquiries

Website accommodates online bookings and more traditional phone and contact form enquiries, depending on customer preference.