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Reach and engage your patients


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We design and write each chiropractic email newsletter, add your personal message (optional) and distribute to your patient list.

As a chiropractor, you want to share information with your patients. Sending out regular email campaigns does not have to be tiresome. Have a look at our chiropractic email marketing/newsletter services.

Email marketing benefits

  • Track who opens each email
  • Promote 2-way flow of communication between you and your patients
  • Reach your patients on their mobile phones
  • Keep your services ‘front and centre’ in your patients mind
  • Make your messages as personal as you want – build trust and loyalty

Start sending patient emails today


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Service: To start this service, all we need is your patient email list. We’ll design the email, write the content and publish according to your schedule. Each email newsletter contains x1 chiropractic blog article, links to your website and social media accounts, a ‘book your next adjustment now’ call to action and contact details.

We’ll work with you to also create personal content such as video messages, condition of the month and patient of the month initiatives.

Investment: From $99/issue.


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